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What are the you working on?



  1. [IQIR for Interactive Quantum Information Retrieval] Build a general model for interactive IR. The interactive framework is described in In this framework, subspaces represent the document (relevance) and densities represent the user's information need. How both can be constructed in an ad-hoc setting are described in

Current work:

  1. Experimenting with the interactive IR model on non interactive tasks, i.e. simple ad-hoc
  2. Participation to the TREC session track (in order to exploit information on query reformulation) [with Ingo]
  3. Working with image retrieval [with Alvaro and Stefan]
  4. Working on complex query representation (studies on mixture, superposition, and other ways to combine densities), and in particular how to include semantic information [with Annalina Caputo, phD in the University of Bari]
  5. Validation of the hypotheses on which the framework rely (in particular, development of measures that give us an indication on whether the hypotheses and the representation are correct)

Abandoned work (for now):

  1. How to exploit interferences between terms, as e.g. in documents with multiple topics. Preliminary experiments have not given good results - but this is maybe because it was too heuristic.

Work done:

  1. Validation of the query density construction on TREC/INEX collections.
  2. (ECIR poster, with Ingo) Validation of the IQIR document representation on a document filtering.
  3. Presentation of the framework at ICTIR (link to the paper)


My current interests and tasks: