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Table of Contents

Kick off meeting

Presentations last around 15 minutes, and 10 minutes are allowed for discussion.

10:15 to 12:00


Mounia Lalmas - 15 minutes
Introduction and welcome

Massimo Melucci (University of Padova, Italy) - 25 minutes
How the theoretical investigations in Renaissance give us new insights into Information Retrieval

Qiang Huang (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) - 25 minutes
On-going research and workplan for the project. qhuang_qfsa_11_11_08.ppt

Peng Zhang (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) - 25 minutes
Non-linear dimensionality reduction. nonlinear_dimensionality_reduction.ppt

12:00 to 14:00


14:00 to 17:00

Peter Bruza (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia) - 25 minutes
Integrating structure and meaning

Benjamin Piwowarski (University of Glasgow, UK) - 25 minutes
Interaction and document structure for IR

Leif Azzopardi (University of Glasgow, UK) - 10 minutes
Presentation of the work of Álvaro Francisco Huertas-Rosero (University of Glasgow, UK)

Guido Zuccon (University of Glasgow, UK) - 25 minutes
a Subspace Distance for Semantic Spaces subspace_distance_gzuccon.pdf

Short presentations Dawei Song (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) and Ingo Frommholz (University of Glasgow, UK)

Open discussion

Keith van Rijsbergen (University of Glasgow, UK)